KitchenLogs has created a food safety diary app.

Simple Paperless Compliance.  


What We Do?

We have taken the cumbersome Back of House Food safety paperwork and streamlined it into a Money saving and easy to use app.

Our app compliments any haccp that requires daily critical checks.

Food Standards Agency
FSA feasibility Study on our app

Read about how our study increased food Hygiene Ratings!

Benefits of using our App!

  • Don’t miss any checks anymore with our Alerts and Notifications.

  • PIN numbers – No signatures - No more sign-offs.

  • Highly customisable and adaptable to any environment.

  • Off-Line Mode - No internet, No worries, Stored on the device.

  • Daily Email Digest of ALL Checks.

  • Storage of your HACCP, Training Certs, Etc.

  • Allergen Table made easy!

  • Supports Multi-Language Capabilities.

  • Have better insight on how food safety is being done in multi-locations.

  • No more paperwork to manage.

  • EHO approved report layout.

  • Extract data quickly for EHO visit or food incident.

  • FOH checks available as well.

  • More productivity of running the business.


How does it Work?

Your daily critical checks in one place now.

  • Rise in productivity within the business. An average daily location uses our app a total of 7 to 10 mins.

  • All detailed data can be seen or accessed either the app or desktop.

  • Getting daily updates delivered to your inbox rather than hunting for this ‘dirty paperwork’.

  • Multi Site locations can be managed within the app and better oversight with out being on site.

  • Decrease in E-Waste and no need to buy unnecessary devices.  No waiting on replacement equipment.


  • Our APP uses all the devices technologies to change behaviour and food safety standards.

  • Stores all your files within the app for easy retrieval when inspected.

  • Checks are consolidated into easy logical steps and intertwined for ease of use.

  • Allergen matrix display is visually defined in text along with images of the allergen preventing any errors.

  • All detailed data can be seen or accessed either the app or desktop.

  • Multi-User Access - Users can simultaneously do checks along with other users doing checks.

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