Always thinking Food Safety!

Yesterday ducked into Tesco to pick up dinner.  I eat chicken 80% of the time but decided to mix it up and get some steaks for the grill.  Went over to get some filets and something was not right!  I started to feel around and they were all room temperature. 


I noticed the light in the display was not on and felt around for some refrigerant. The display crapped out and no one noticed!  As I looked around I noticed no monitoring at all.  Some woman came by and was picking up mince. I had to inform her she cannot take it due to food safety.  I went to the meat department and told the manager.  He rushed over and was in disbelief.  He said the most expensive meat and it is fully stocked.  He said we have to bin it all.  Shaking his head and trying to section it off before summons the store manager.  He said they are not going to be happy with a loss this big.

This day and age, monitoring would have alerted them and this loss would have been prevented!

I ate chicken last night.