Can your digital solution withstand an outage?

KitchenLogs is a food safety diary app that helps food businesses log critical checks. 

You can download from either iOS or Android to either your mobile or tablet.  Since it’s important for the app to be reliable we tested all areas where it could possibly fail.


In December 2018, O2 - one of the biggest telecom providers in the UK had a network outage lasting a day.  People couldn’t even make phone calls.  No KitchenLogs clients experienced any issues since we already planned for these unforeseen circumstances.  The App just went into offline mode and continue to function as planned.  Users that lost mobile data had all their critical checks temporarily stored on their devices until they hit a network again.

We built our app with redundancy that if a cloud provider fails or a network outage occurs the App will work as designed.  Our app will not stop functioning as it is built to handle failure.

Technology is there to make life easier not difficult.

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