FSA - Tried, Tested, and Proven - Our Feasibility Study!


Key Takeaways


Improved Food Hygienes Ratings.

We have proved time and time again with our client base that we improve food safety with our app.  Consistently, we get updates about high ratings under ‘Confidence in Management’.  Now we have documented this under a study with the Food Standards Agency and our Primary Authority Partner - Harrow. Per the study, “If FBO desire to change they will change and will get improved food hygiene ratings”.

Changing the behaviour in the kitchen.

All these businesses had failing ratings for more than 4 years.  Harrow council EHO’s found businesses that consistently did not do or have paperwork. We went to each one during training and they all said the same thing, ‘They forget to do paperwork’.  From day one, when we started KitchenLogs we knew we needed to change human behaviour and create a responsibility of due diligence within the food business.  This was proven with our Food Safety App.

No Freebies Here

We knew that this study will be null and void if this was given away for free.  They were paying for this our service from day one. Now fast forward to today and they are still paying customers. Also, two businesses brought their sister restaurants online as well.  Lastly, they have ALL given us great reviews and references!

Jim McGuire

An American Expat living LDN for 15 years.

DIY Chef!

CEO and Co-Founder ofKitchenLogs!


I am also a Long Distance Swimmer.