KitchenLogs - The beginning!

Before I got into the food industry, I worked for a global Internet Service Provider managing the European team and building out data centres across the continent.  After I decided to leave, a friend asked me for some help with a street food startup, selling Philly Cheesesteaks. Having a real interest in food and having already enjoyed setting up a business, I thought ‘why not?’.

During the early days of learning about the food industry and coming from a world of automation & online applications, I was blown away by the lack of internet resources for food safety and food hygiene. I also found out quickly that paper, weather, hot food and travelling don’t mix that well! So, to help save me time and get something a bit more robust in place, I decided to devise my own simple, digital, food safety management system.

Whilst on the street food scene I was on the receiving end of regular food safety checks from a variety of councils and during these checks, the environmental health officers (EHO’s) were often commenting on how great my paperwork and processes were. When we moved from a stall to a food truck, the EHO’s suggested and recommended I put a similar system in place.

The eureka moment for me came at a festival in 2015 when another trader got in trouble with her food safety processes, due to a lack of paperwork.  She discovered I had an automated system in place and came over and offered to pay me to put the same system in place for her.  That is when I thought I may be on to something.  I then did six months of research into existing systems and knew I could build a more flexible and customisable app, giving businesses access to on-demand services at a reasonable cost.

KitchenLogs was born!

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Jim McGuire

An American Expat living LDN for 15 years.

DIY Chef!

CEO and Co-Founder ofKitchenLogs!


I am also a Long Distance Swimmer.