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Jim McGuire


He has worked in IT industry for 20 years.  He was the fifth hire at a US startup and the company grew into a global hosting company.  He relocated to London and built the company's European presence and ran the entire operation.  He put all that he learned and focused that energy into a food truck startup for 2 years.  During that period he found a large gap in the market and decided to go back to the internet and work full time on KitchenLogs.


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• Long Distance Swimming

• DIY Warrior

• Internet Advocate

• Cooking / Eating


Inder Vaid


He has worked in IT industry for 15 years.  He started working as a Network Engineer for a Global hosting company and quickly grew through the ranks to become Senior Global Architect.  His last role was working at a fintech startup as a Senior Vice President. 


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• Running

• Tennis

• Reading, especially autobiographies.